Hello neighbor act 3 basement walkthrough

Hello neighbor act 3 basement walkthrough

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Install Steam. Store Page. Hello Neighbor Store Page. Global Achievements. So, I've tried to get passed that shadow thing, and it keeps sending me back. I did that and it did not work Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. The crouch makes you invisible, stay like that and it will walk past. Firewave View Profile View Posts. You can also just run really fast to the left, that's what I did.

Unless they changed it so that was made impossible. Gripss View Profile View Posts. Run to the left, go up a little ways, then crouch until the Thing passes by. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 12 Jan, pm.

Posts: 4. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. I cant launch the Easter Alpha! Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

View mobile website.Below we cover everything you need to know to fully explore the house and escape in Hello Neighbor Act 2. Starting in the weird, fake room you discovered in the previous act, there's nothing immediately to pick up or throw, and the door won't unlock.

Go peep through the keyhole and look right and left until you hear a sound letting you know something fell over. Go look at the window where the boards fell overand you should hear a click letting you know the door is now unlocked and can be opened.

Head outside and grab the air duct grate in front of the red light so you can move through the crawl space. Crawling through the ducts. From there, head up the ladder to find that the neighbor's house has changed quite a bit, and you are now locked in behind a giant fence. Off to your right in a broken section of a fence is a pipe with a red turn wheel.

Your first goal is to get the gauge on the wheel into the red by pulling levers on three other pipes around the area. The first one is found just by following the fence a bit further. Turning the first pipe lever. Turn around and go back the other way in the yard to find the second lever on the long pipe that sticks up out of the ground and runs into the house. You can't reach it yet, though, because it's so high up in the air.

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For now, head around to the other side of the house and look for a window leading into the kitchen. Smash the window with an object like the binoculars or shoe and then open the freezer to find the wrench. Stealing the wrench. You already know the drill on the wrench from the previous act. Use it to unscrew the makeshift fence that prevents you from accessing the ladder in the back yard that leads up towards the top of the house. Up the ladder, walk forward across the roof it looks like you should fall, but you can walk forward above the pipes.

Crouch down at the end and slowly move forward to reach the second lever that was previously too high up to access. Slowly move the reticle up and down near the red band until it expands and lets you know you can turn the lever it's easy to fall here, so stay as far back as possible.

Hello Neighbor Guide: Act 1 Puzzle Walkthrough

Turning the second pipe lever. The third lever is actually inside the house. The pipe is clearly visible up against the wall next to the couch. Turning the third pipe lever. Head outside near the area where the pipe is jutting out of the ground, and break the single window facing the side fence next to the pipes and opposite two other windows facing the back fence. Drop a box in front of the window and jump inside to find an odd hallway room with a light switch, door, and a blocked-off area covered in junk.

Break this window and throw down a box to get inside. After flipping the switch, go back to that first pipe with the glass gauge and the red wheel you found in the fence when you escaped the basement.After hours of flipping switches, breaking windows, hiding in closets, and picking up every object known to man, you're probably more than a little stumped on how to complete Hello Neighbor 's Act 1 segment.

If you are having trouble getting into the basement and figuring out how to proceed past all those stubbornly locked doors, we've got you covered with a step-by-step guide to the neighbor's security system.

Note that we're going for the most direct route to solve the main puzzles and not diving into all the various secrets for every achievement. If you want to fully experience the game, be sure to explore the whole house instead of heading straight for the basement! For those just jumping into the game and getting frustrated by the lack of explanation on the game's controls, there are a few basics to keep in mind.

You can have up to four items in your inventory at once, with old items you pick up disappearing and going into previous inventory slots.

After the opening segment, press and hold E to pick up any object that makes the reticle become a larger circle, then hold the right mouse button to aim and release to throw. The longer you hold, the farther and harder it goes. If you only right click without holding, objects won't actually break windows. Knocking over the neighbor with a coffee mug. If you hold down the right click for a stronger throw, he'll be knocked off balance for a few seconds so you can get away.

Hiding under beds or inside cabinets only works if the neighbor didn't specifically see you enter the room, so you need to get ahead of him when he's chasing you.

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Your goal at the beginning isn't to explore all the rooms in the house, but rather use boxes and get up on the roof where you can access the top floor. Before heading to the neighbor's house, open the closet beneath the stairs in your house to get four boxes for free. Its easier to grab them here than to get the boxes in the neighbor's yard where he might see you through the window.

Free boxes! Because of how wonky the controls are and how easy it is for boxes to slide off the roof, I recommend breaking out the second floor window before you even go up there. Just grab something like the ball or even the weird eye painting off the wall in your house and chuck it up at the window from near the fence.

After that's done, make sure there are at least two boxes in your inventory and climb up the leaning yellow shelves to the left of the front door. Break this window! Head to the top yellow shelf and drop two boxes on top of each other.Home Games.

Hello Neighbor - Walkthrough. This guide will help you beat Hello Neighbor actsand the act finale. Act 1 When the cutscenes are over, go to your house, and get 3 closed boxes. Go to the yellow shelves in the neighbor's yard, and stack the boxes. Jump to the platform, and use the last box to break the window.

Take the giant flower picture, and grab the car key. Unlock the car, and then get the magnet gun. Go back to the second floor, go through the hole in the wall, or the door, if you unlocked it with the yellow key.

The next door, is locked with a chair, so look through the keyhole, and look at the red key. Put the magnet gun in your hand, and have it half through the door. It'll take a minute or 2, but you'll end up magnetizing the red key. Unlock the basement, and wait for it to load.

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The washing machine is a secret door. Go through it. Open the next door. Jump through the open window, and open the gate to your right. Go through the basement, and ignore the doors.

You'll soon find another gate. Open it, and use the picture of the player's house from the beta as a ramp, throw an object at it, and it'll make a ramp.

It may take a few tries. Turn on the generator, and climb up the objects. Break through the brick wall, and go through the door.By Act III, you should already have a pretty good idea of the game's mechanics and what sort of things to look out for in terms of finding new routes or discovering items and keys.

If you haven't yet finished the in-between segment taking place in a different time, walk into your house for a cutscene, then grab the green key out of the car trunk to access the neighbor's house and pick up the phone. With that out of the way, it's time to get started back on the regular gameplay.

hello neighbor act 3 basement walkthrough

First, grab any small, throwable item such as the VHS tape in your house and two boxes. There are again boxes in the closet of your house, or you can find some outside in the neighbor's yard.

With those items in hand, head around the right side of the neighbor's house to the back. Throw down the boxes in front of the open grate where a red switch is just barely visible. Jump on the box tower and throw your item at the switch to flick it over and unlock a door inside the house. Reaching the switch.

Break the window directly next to you and head inside the house. Immediately turn left and enter the door that was opened by the switch, which leads to several long sets of ladders going up.

Go up the first two ladders to a landing platform, then pull the red switch above the door. Head inside to find the rollercoaster track. We're not going on this section quite yet, though.

hello neighbor act 3 basement walkthrough

Instead, go down the red staircase to your right, and open the door to your left at the bottom of the stairs.

Looking down through the open door, you should see empty space leading to part of the track and a window far across. If you step down onto the trackyou should see a hole just in front of the window that you can jump into. Aim for the hole in the left-center near the window. Jumping through the hole takes you to the roller coaster track control room. Flip the switch on the far left side of the control panel be careful not to move too far over and fall through the holethen push the red button to the right to start the track running.

After pressing the button, jump through the hole in the floor right in front of the control panel to return to the yard.


Head back into the house through the same window you broke before, and go up the stairs to your right near the cluttered hallway if you are entering through the front door instead, go to the back of the house, and the stairs will be on your left. On the second floor, up the stairs, you will see a gated-off portion of the room.

To get past the gate, jump up onto the wood railing, then turn and jump onto the lamp on the opposite wall. Jumping past the gate.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Hello Neighbor Store Page. Global Achievements.

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View Profile View Posts. I've watched every possible walk-through after I exhausted every idea. I am stuck on the first party when you go inside the basement, grab the TV, and try to pass the "ghost" figure. I've tried hiding in each square inch of that hall, I've tried to perfectly mimic other walkthroughs that were successful, no luck.

No matter where I am locating the ghost figure auto detects me as soon as she is in my AOE. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. If not, do that and gain the power and the shadow man won't detect you. Originally posted by jrb7o5 :. He'll start walking past and once he's gone far enough you'll be able to go. The neighbor keeps grabbing me before the EXIT door, in the final basement.

Hello Neighbor Guide: Act 1 Puzzle Walkthrough

I'll leap over the final fence after passing shadow dude and it just shows the neighbor grab animation. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 9 Dec, am. Posts: 7. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Low FPS.

Hello Neighbor - Walkthrough

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hello neighbor act 3 basement walkthrough

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

View mobile website.Fear Supermarket is one of the three Fear levels. This one takes place in a nightmarish, dimly-lit grocery store, where you are being hunted by mannequins, likely representing other shoppers.

When beaten, it unlocks the invisibility power-up. The entrance to Fear Supermarket is located behind a door in the crowbar room. To access it, you must get the blue key from the area of the birthday party room blocked off by random items, and use it on the door across from the large painting on the second floor. Then you must stand on the platform, and throw an item at the lever so it moves up. The Fear Supermarket is an dimly-lit, nightmarish grocery store.

Like all other fear levels, everything is oversized and disproportionate. A winding rail track with a shopping cart on it runs through the level, to the checkout at the end. A large sign at the beginning shows the player how to avoid the mannequins. Looming shelves are scattered throughout the level, as well as towers of boxes on either side. At the end of the level is a checkout where a mannequin will scan your items to check if you have the correct ones and the correct amount.

At the very end is an exit door that you can exit from after passing the checkout. The shadow man also can be seen watching the player from a rafter. In this fear level, mannequins holding shopping carts will start in stations at the beginning of the level. They will move forward to the checkout, picking up specific items from the shelves along the way.

You must collect the same items as the mannequin-shoppers do and put them in the shopping cart, and push flabberdoodle. However, the other shoppers will try and kill you and if they do it resets to the start. The items required are:. If you reach the checkout, a mannequin operating it will test if you have the correct amount of items, and the correct types. For every missing item, or incorrect item, one of the lights on his counter will turn red.

If you have at least one red light, the mannequin-cashier will press a button, dropping you into the floor. However, if you have all green lights, the cashier will press a button opening the gate, allowing the player to pass through, walk through the exit door, ending the level and giving you the invisibility powerup, which is a very important role in the game.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Location The entrance to Fear Supermarket is located behind a door in the crowbar room. Appearance The Fear Supermarket is an dimly-lit, nightmarish grocery store. Gameplay In this fear level, mannequins holding shopping carts will start in stations at the beginning of the level. You must collect the same items as the mannequin-shoppers do and put them in the shopping cart, and push flabberdoodle the cart to the checkout.

The items required are: A bag of potato chips. A carton of orange juice.